2016 Legislation – Legionella Risk Assessments

    Landlord legislation has been making the headlines again throughout 2016, with many landlords critical of the changing legislation and the applicable legal interpretations involved. These new on-going changes mean it is more important than ever for landlords to understand the regulations fully and to work with an established proven lettings agency that will protect their investment and tenants.

      SAL (The Scottish Association of Landlords) and the Health & Safety Executive have released some updated legislation regarding the control of Legionnaires’ disease. Ultimately, this revision means the legislation now applies to residential lettings, which was not covered previously. Landlords providing residential accommodation now have a legal duty to ensure the risk of exposure of tenants to Legionella is assessed and controlled. By law landlords are responsible for making sure the risks involving Legionella are properly assessed and controlled. A risk assessment is required so a landlord can demonstrate they have assessed the property and taken any necessary control measures. Further information can be found at www.hse.gov.uk/legionnaires.